ADK Connect wins ‘Most Creative TV/Video’ at MARkies Awards 2020

By ADK Singapore Posted September 19, 2020 In COVID-19

#HAFANDHAF, a film conceptualised and executed by ADK Connect for the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), won a ‘Silver’ for the category ‘Most Creative – TV/Video’ Advertising at the MARKies Awards 2020.


The film transforms a dry and serious topic like financial planning into a fun, young and a relatable conversation, that the government agencies require to have with the young Singaporeans who display nonchalance towards financial planning.


The insight that family life is central to the Malay community and for young Malays, a good future means building a happy family, helped us to take the joyous occasion of Hari Raya and showcase a film that could resonate with them.

The story brought to screen the familiar grill that every unmarried Malay has to undergo with nosy relatives. These relatives will relentlessly probe about the singles’ love lives and hurry them to get married. Using this classic scenario and hilarious archetypes close to our audience’s hearts, the story would instantly connect with them, draw empathy, and even laughter.


And, our memorable and endearing pair of protagonists, Haf and Haf, portrayed young adults who came to realise that the only way to build a better life together was through adjusting their daily expenses. Hence educating our audience about making wiser financial choices.


Soon after airing, #HAFANDHAF made it to the Top 10 most watched YouTube ads on two separate Leaderboards.

The rom-com attracted over 21 million impressions and over 2 million views on digital and broadcast platforms within just 3 months.

But nothing accorded more honour to the film than the fact that our very own Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong actually singled it out to share with Singaporeans on his personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Evidently, the film stood out from the massive festive clutter.

The film got the Malay community—as well as netizens of other races—raving fervently.

“My fam and I enjoyed this so much! I could relate to this TVC.”
Dian Saihen, Facebook

“That was actually good, not bad coming from gov.”
Burnt plays, YouTube

“Very cute hahaha hafandhaf makes one!”
Joshen Zu Xian, Facebook



Ministry of Communications and Information:

Soffy Hariyanti (Director, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Gary Low (Deputy Director, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Cacherel Sim (Assistant Director, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Nur Ashikin Isnin (Assistant Manager, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Nurwafah Khairuddin (Producer, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Noor Aisha Abdul Hani (Manager, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Arianne Boey (Senior Producer, Campaigns and Production Dept)

Sarah Hadi Devaraj (Senior Producer, Campaigns and Production Dept)


ADK Singapore:

Chris Gurney (Chief Creative Officer)

Ronald Wong (Executive Creative Director)

Fong Wei Kit (Associate Creative Director)

Joy Lee (Creative Group Head)

Takeshi Nishio (Managing Director)

Amy Chew (Senior Account Director)

Azman Yusof (Account Manager)

Jun Ong (Account Manager)

Joanne Ho (Copywriter)


Papahan Films:

Raihan Halim (Film Director/Script Writer)

Fatimah Juma’on (Producer/Casting Manager)
Asra Aman (Producer)